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Are your sales team maximising their time?

Blogpost by: Adam Stanier
From: maandag 31 augustus 2015

Many IT VAR’s employ experienced sales staff to seek out new opportunities and cross/up sell to their existing client base. Naturally this requires spending a lot of man hours searching for products, putting together accurate quotes and ensuring they have a margin protection in place. The more sophisticated businesses are capable of running GAP analysis across their clients purchase trends to see if there are more opportunities to service with different product offerings like consumables or telecoms.

Unless the business system has unified and normalised product information, many of these reports are inaccurate or incomplete. Onetrail offers two tier categorisation, where every product is assigned to a United Nations Standard Products and Services code (UNSPSC), which can be used for the purposes of running these reports.

Once you have now identified the GAPs and the sales team are ready to make their outbound activity, they will require product information available to them in order to build their quotations in a timely and professional manner. Onetrail Product Data Services allow the sales operator to access real time price and availability across the channel (B2B Integration), which is typically imbedded to their quotation templates from the CRM- or ERP environment.

Don’t let your sales team be busy fools, by utilising integrated industry technologies you can maximise your sales team activity.

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Adam Stanier

Business Development Manager UK & Ireland

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