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Capture serial numbers in drop shipment delivery?

Blogpost by: Richard Zuijdam
From: vrijdag 13 februari 2015

For support purposes it is required (for example, from manufacturers in the ICT trade) that you mention the serial numbers of the sold goods on your sales invoice. Based on this entry starts the warranty that the manufacturer has to provide of the sold products. So it is important that you know which product is sold when, by you to your customer. But with the attendance of E-Business in conjunction with the use of drop shipments (direct delivery of the product from your supplier to your customer) the goods are not in your own warehouse anymore. Nevertheless, you are responsible for capturing sales in combination with the corresponding serial number.

Usually serial numbers are manually retyped from the invoice that your supplier sends you. This is an unnecessary, error-prone and time-consuming activity. By using the electronic despatch advice, this is a thing of the past. Many of your suppliers scan products as they leave their warehouse and are put on a transport to your customer. By reading the despatch advice electronically into your ERP or software application, you have directly secured the scanned serial numbers in your ERP / financial system. And based on that, you can automatically mention the serial number on your sales invoice.

Benefit to you: Time saving and the assurance that serial numbers are stored correctly, without the need to perform manual operations. Benefit to your suppliers: Certainty that they get a better grip on the right support process to the users of their products.

Onetrail has gained a lot of experience in the past 15 years, in supporting trade companies in the automation of the delivery process. Do you also want to know what the possibilities are?

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Richard Zuijdam

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