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Daily and manually cut and paste work

Blogpost by: Richard Vriezekolk
From: vrijdag 20 februari 2015

Quickly and conveniently obtain up- to-date prices, stocks and specifications will remain a big problem in these days of automation.Each Distributor in the IT and/or Telecom industry has its own communication, mapping and data format. It's up to you to find a generic form which is (re)workable for you. Every day Resellers are working through a lot of manual cutting and pasting, to draw an import file. Especially with the highly variable dollar prices, this information is very important to make sure that your sales and purchase Department work with the correct purchase prices. And the bad thing is; tomorrow it has to be done again!

This daily and manual work can be automated, but how can you control this? And do you want to do it all by yourself and maintain it yourself? What information do you actually want to receive for an optimal buying and selling process? Because in addition to the latest price and stock information provided per Distributor and by item number level, would you also want this data categorized, normalized and possibly supplemented with specifications (via CNET Rich Content). Which products are newly added and which are no longer available? To set up this process, will cost you a lot of time and still provides a lot of errors in the long run.

Eventually you want to receive a Product Data file, which is generic for all your Distributors and takes care to an optimal and always ‘up to date’ sales and purchasing process within your organization.

Difficult? There is a very good solution! Many organizations already preceded you.

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