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Daily frustration; uniforming Product Data?

Blogpost by: Richard Vriezekolk
From: vrijdag 6 september 2013

As an IT Reseller do you recognize this problem? You work with an ERP or financial system such as Exact, Netsuite, SAP Business One, Business Base, OFB, Microsoft Dynamics or AccountView, however, it is not an easy task to process article data from Distributors and Suppliers, including the right prices and stock.

When you receive data from different sources you can receive an assortment chart of data, which can include more or less products than the range you sell. Your challenge is to produce a version of the assortment of data that your ERP or financial system can process. You should also ensure that all information is delivered to your ERP or financial system in a manner that you can add multiple suppliers to the same Vendor part number. Alongside the right product data, all products need to be placed under an uniform product categorization so you can easily find products without relying on the use of a Vendor part number. The process must then be followed daily due to products rapidly being added, updated or discontinued at a high rate.

I have been working at Onetrail for a few months and in the past (15 years of IT distribution and 5 years at an IT Supplier) I have now experienced what all these different formats and layouts of product data mean for IT Resellers. It is enormous amount of work on a daily basis and runs the risk of many errors. Every day I speak to people in purchasing departments where article management must be performed. Fortunately, I can now help them with these daily frustrations....

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