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"Dear customer, your shipment is on its way"

Blogpost by: Richard Vriezekolk
From: dinsdag 2 september 2014

Last week I was at a Reseller who had a discussion with a Distributor about a direct delivery (drop shipment) to an end user. The delivery hasn't arrived and now starts a discussion about who is going to pay the costs. "Sorry Reseller, but you have 5 days to report a problem with a delivery from the moment that we are going to extradite" defends the Distributor itself and refers to the delivery terms and conditions of the carrier. But how could you have known? The ordered product was out of stock and was expected back in stock between the ordering time and 14 days thereafter. You can hardly follow all the orders personally every day, to check or there may be a problem is going to arise. Now what? And how can we prevent this in the future?

Direct deliveries have many benefits like savings on transport costs and delivery time, the ordered is faster at your customer. But you also lose a piece of control of the process. When is the Distributor for example going to extradite and when can the customer expect the shipment? With which carrier and can the customer follow the delivery? This information is necessary for your internal organization, but you would also like to be able to pass this information to your end user.

When you want to do more and more direct deliveries, you should have complete control over the delivery process. A process in which the Distributors provide you with all the possible communication and information they are going to do on your behalf. With these messages (in this case the electronic packing slip) you are in control and with these alerts you can inform your end user in advance that a delivery is on its way. And when this shipment is not delivered within 3 days, you would like to be notified of this. This can save you a lot of problems and discussions with both your Distributors, but especially with your end user.

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