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Does Size Matter?

Blogpost by: Adam Stanier
From: woensdag 3 december 2014

With the 2014 release of CRN’s top 100 which is based on the company’s annual turnover – I have looked in to what effect the growth of these organisations on the top line does to the company. I have picked out Onetrail users and their active growth.

The most significant of which came from Total Computer Networks (TCN) who jumped 20 places, adding £10 million to their top line and doubled their pre-tax profits to over £1 million. TCN invested 20 months ago in to a new business system NetSuite including the Onetrail Suite App. This enabled them to scale their business effectively without the requirement to add many more heads in administrative functions, such as in finance or sales support. There current forecast is to get to over £40 million in the next 12 months. There sales drive incorporates having access to realtime industry information supported by Onetrail. ACS added £1 million but their goal is to surpass the £50 million mark by 2020. Kelway had another powerful year growing over £100 million primarily due to its acquisition of Equanet.

It is great to see all Onetrail customers continuing to grow and reap financial rewards on their internal IT investments that have no doubt given them the platform to grow organically or through acquisition. The industry saw its biggest ever casualty with 2E2 being declared bankrupt leaving a dark red line with many suppliers. 2E2 actively proving that size doesn’t always reap the same rewards as some of the more nimble mid-market VAR’s.

There is clearly more than one way to skin the cat; however there seems to be a common ground for all these aspiring and successful businesses ‘Onetrail’! To find out more on how Onetrail customers are benefiting and growing their business, please contact our Onetrail team.


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Adam Stanier

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