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How does Onetrail help improve margin in the channel?

Blogpost by: Adam Stanier
From: vrijdag 13 maart 2015

Onetrail supports 3 key services for IT Resellers and Distributors to make their businesses more efficient and profitable:

  1. Fully integrated connectivity for all EDI messages including Product Data, Purchase Order, Order Status Updates, Shipping Notifications and Electronic Invoicing;
  2. AnyForm Purchase Orders, which converts ‘Any Format’ of Purchase orders (e.g. PDF’s Excel, HTML) in to an electronic inbound format;
  3. AnyForm Invoice, which converts ‘AnyFformat’ of Invoice (e.g. PDF’s Excel, HTML) in to an electronic inbound format.

Every sale that a Reseller makes hopes to have a reasonable margin built in. In order to keep the real net margin as high as possible it is critical that the time invested to complete that order is kept to a minimum. This is the case for the Reseller and the Distributor whom are both working to low margins. Based on 1,000 purchase orders per month, a Reseller can expect to receive at least double the number of Invoices (due to partial shipment). Without an EDI or AnyForm process that means the Distributor must receive and input 1,000 orders in to their back office system and the Reseller will receive 2,000 invoices that needs to be manually entered in to the finance package. In total 3,000 documents must be processed. Typically the time involved in processing any single document is 5 minutes. Which means in this instance the channel needs to invest over 31 man days per month manually entering documents. This is the equivalent of 1.5 full time employees per 1,000 purchase orders per month! Now consider all the other times during an order process that the order needs touching, updating or finding critical information like serial numbers or shipping Proof of deliveries. The costs administering an order quickly escalate. The cost for this resource must come off the margin for a Reseller and Distributor.

To keep your margins high and your internal administration to a minimum please contact me to find out more about how Onetrail services can make your business richer in margin.

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Adam Stanier

Business Development Manager UK & Ireland

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