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How satisfied is your customer about your invoicing process?

From: donderdag 7 augustus 2014

Have you ever asked your customer if he was satisfied about the handling of invoices? Does your customer pays on time? How often was the content of your outgoing invoice in accordance with the products you supplied and the products ordered by the customer?

Correct and up-to-date Product Data forms the foundation of any business process. Sales, purchasing, finance and logistics all benefit from consistent data.

Abnormalities in the product information or order processing ensure that invoices aren’t payable by the customer, because the prices, the number of items or the ordered products on the invoice does not match the purchase order. This leads to many administrative tasks within your organization (credit invoices, customer follow-up calls about pending payments etc).

All these factors ensure long treatment times that are not needed, and it not just put your corporate image at stake, but it also cost you extra time and money, and in addition it can also you cash flow under pressure. Money that doesn’t come on time, can’t go out on time.

These problems can be prevented by automating the entire process around purchase/selling of orders. Once you have sent the order from your ERP/financial system to your Trading Partner, you will receive an electronic order confirmation. Your system can then perform checks on those products where a deviation is in the price and the number, such as they appeared on your purchase order. By acting directly you respond at the right time on any errors, allowing you to correct the error together with your Trading Partner. Onetrail can support you to fully focus and streamline this process.

A good customer relationship does not end with the delivery of the product, but extends to the operation of the entire organization. The corporate or organizational image is at stake. Internal processes are important and also checkable for quality and handling or processing time. The billing process works equally.

Because you can’t control the payment behaviour of your customer completely, but what you can control, is making a correct invoice.

Ask your customer, how satisfied he is about your billing process. Every complaint is a gift, every satisfaction an encouragement that you are on the right track in improving your invoicing process!

Everything in one go, saves time and money!

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