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How strong is your Ecommerce for your customers?

Blogpost by: Adam Stanier
From: vrijdag 30 januari 2015

We now live in an age where standards are set by the nature of how we consume information and what information we expect to access. We have become impatient and demand complete visibility of our orders in real-time. When purchasing IT for business the demand from a customer can be more critical as this can have a wider impact on the customer.

With such high standards demanded, the success and to encourage the use of your Ecommerce there is a definite required mix of functionality and accurate information.

Onetrail works in parallel with many Ecommerce providers to complement their functionality, by offering all relevant information to accommodate an order and after sales expectation. 

Onetrail can provide a mirrored (the same information to Ecommerce and ERP) Product Data Service to support any third party Ecommerce offering and can supply hourly stock files to ensure the stock levels are accurately up to date for your Ecommerce users. This information is at the forefront to enhance functionality including searchable attribute data and associated items.

Working alongside your ERP or creating a service between Onetrail and your ecommerce, Onetrail exchange key information. This information allows your customer to access Estimated Time of Arrival information (for pending goods). Onetrail UK now have the capability to also send Advanced shipping notifications and include the courier and courtier tracking number. So your customers can self-serve all necessary information.

The above detail truly enhances the standard Ecommerce offerings and puts you alongside the standards of very well-known e-tailers. Partnering with Onetrail shows you benefit for you via the streamlined internal processes and benefits your customers being able to access real-time information on their outstanding order.

For more information about how to improve your Ecommerce please contact Onetrail.

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Adam Stanier

Business Development Manager UK & Ireland

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