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Blogpost by: Sandra de Vries
From: dinsdag 21 januari 2014

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about the expectations of the new generation of consumers. They want a shorter delivery time, Amazon has already reported to use drones, but now Amazon comes with 'anticipatory shipping '. Anticipatory shipping means anticipating before the purchase has actually been done, thus to ensure that consumers receive products even faster. Among other things there is looked at used search terms, previous purchases and consumer wish lists, based on this data the company expects to be able to predict the behavior of the consumer.

In the future, it could be possible when you add something to your wish list, that the web store will send the product to the nearest delivery point. If you then decide to buy the item, it may be available to collect immediately or that it will be delivered within one hour. Sounds good right?

When this technology is going to be implemented is not yet clear. More information on ‘Anticipatory shipping' can be found in the articles of USA Today and NU.nl.


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