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What is the benefit of the Order Response message (ORDRSP)?

Blogpost by: Sandra de Vries
From: vrijdag 20 juni 2014

The Purchase Order Response message (ORDRSP) is an order confirmation sent by the Supplier to the Reseller as a response to the order that the Reseller has sent. If there are any changes in the order,  these will be made herein.

The ORDRSP contains the articles with the final number of which will be delivered. Because this is processed immediately in the ERP system, you always have the right information. The advantage is that this is directly visible, also the sales department can tell when something will be delivered.

Receiving an ORDRSP produces big time savings. The Buyer does not have to adjust anything manually anymore, the sales department doesn’t need to call the purchasing department for delivery information.

Due to the electronic processing of the ORDRSP you are sure the information is correct, this gives a huge gain in the further processing of the Invoice.

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Sandra de Vries

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