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Why do things the hard way?

Blogpost by: Richard Vriezekolk
From: woensdag 23 oktober 2013

On July 25th 2013, I posted a blog about an easy way to get the right prices and stock information from Distributors on one website. Internal research revealed that this blog has been read many times. That is why I would like to pay more attention to this topic.

Where we used to pick up the phone to Distributors to enquire about information on prices, stock, product and delivery times, there are now websites containing this information. In the beginning of e-commerce, this was a huge improvement, because now you had access to the latest information when suited. You did not have to wait until you got someone on the phone to hear that the information was outdated. That is all very well, but now you are busy all day figuring out all the products on various websites to ensure you have selected the right product for your purchase and/or comparison purposes. Perhaps you would like to make a comparison based on a specification for all available brands, so your customer’s needs are satisfied accurate and fast. You are probably wondering why this process could not be easier and clearer! Luckily for you; there is a solution available!

As a Onetrail Trading Partner you can access all information on one comprehensive website. Supplemented with your up-to-date purchase prices, you have direct insight into all information you are looking for such as the total available industry product range. This is very useful, not only for Buyers, but also for Sellers! And so I have faith in my last sentence from my previous blog: "The Product Guide™ will certainly be the most used website in your organization." I would like to convince you too.....

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