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"A customer/supplier is demanding we connect to their EDI solution, but we question if connecting directly is the best/most logical solution” 

Onetrail Clever EDI is for you ……..

Onetrail recognises the inefficiencies of many EDI solutions and founded the principle of Clever EDI to address these problems.

Traditional EDI solutions create one-to-one EDI links between a buyer and supplier, one connection for each supplier. These links typically involve complex integration between the buyer and supplier systems. Once set up, each link only works with one specific business partner. So if you want to change partners at a later date, or work with additional partners, it is necessary to invest more time and effort in setting up additional dedicated links.

The result? Multiple connections for buyers and suppliers in multiple formats all of which need to be set up, supported and maintained on an ongoing basis. 

Ideally it would be far more efficient if each buyer and supplier only needed to make one connection to an EDI network, in any format they already used. And left it to the network to do all of the matching and interconnectivity. This would give each buyer and supplier access to all the other buyer and supplier connections on the network - That’s Onetrail Clever EDI

Onetrail can map the export format of your existing system to Clever EDI and to the EDI connection of your business partner providing you access to all the benefits of EDI without a lengthy, costly and time consuming system integration project. You can then reuse the same connection to work with any additional business partners with no additional work on your part:

  • One connection - to all your business partners
  • Flexible connectivity - even for business partners with no EDI capability
  • Normalised data – everyone works in their existing formats and it is automatically translated for you
  • Fully Auditable – down to individual document and message level
  • Proven, secure cloud based technology – Thousands of organisations across Europe, both large and small, rely upon our manged services every day to conduct their business.
  • Flexible and Futureproofed -  Connect to who you want, when you want irrespective of their systems or future changes in their technology. Never feel locked in to a specific business partner.

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