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"The result of working with Onetrail is a complete Supply Chain Integration of our logistic processes"

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"We want EDI but our internal systems have limited flexibility?” 

Onetrail Clever EDI is for you ……..

Onetrail recognises the inefficiencies of many EDI solutions and founded the principle of Clever EDI to address these problems.

Traditional EDI solutions create one-to-one EDI links between a buyer and supplier typically involve complex integration of the system in use by the buyer or the supplier. However, even after investing considerable time and effort to establish a dedicated connection a buyer/seller often finds that their internal systems do not have the required functionality or flexibility to exchange all off the data and message types they require to support their internal business processes. This results in a solution that doesn’t fully address the operational challenges of the business.

Onetrail Clever EDI addresses the limitations of your internal systems by only integrating data that your systems can accommodate, while still providing access to the full range of data that your systems are not able to support through a comprehensive range of services in an easy to use web based application.

For example:

Address capacity limitations of your internal systems by only hosting the volume of data that your internal systems can manage and you use regularly, while still having access to the full range of product data in a searchable web based application.
Address data validation limitations of your internal systems by using the Onetrail manged service to manage the verification and either highlight or reject discrepancies e.g. Missing PO numbers, missing Postcodes.
Address order message limitations of your internal systems by only integrating the messages your system can accommodate while having access to a full message by message audit trail through a web based application.

In summary:

  • Simple and Quick start using Web Apps to solve the integration problems
  • Specific applications available for Sellers & Buyers
  • Support EDI to your customer/supplier even if your system is not supporting electronic messaging
  • Low Cost One time to connect
  • Access to existing network of connected buyers and suppliers
  • Very Low risk i.e. start-up costs are low and you are not locked in to a specific solution

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