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Onetrail TPN™ Documention Center

Do you want to know how to connect to Onetrail TPN? In our Online Documentation Center you find all information about how to connect to Onetrail to use our services

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Onetrail   Flexible Connect

Flexible Connect enables you to communicate with your Buyers/Suppliers irrespective of their individual formats and protocols through a single connection to Onetrail.

Onetrail makes it possible for you and your Business & Trade Partners to implement the connection in a multitude of ways that best suits your individual circumstances:

  • Onetrail Web Connect: Use our Web Applications to connect to Onetrail
  • Onetrail Self Connect: Make your own connection to Onetrail
  • Onetrail Managed Connect: Let our Professional Services Team connect you to Onetrail
  • Onetrail Hybrid Connect: Make a combination of above possibilities to connect to Onetrail

Onetrail’s Flexible Connect managed service fully supports your business processes and system/data formats accross five levels of integration. By using Flexible Connect you and your business partners can access Clever EDI & Data in Any Standard Format:

  • All main EDI standards are supported including: Edifact GS1, OpenTrans, Rosettanet, UBL, ICM, HR-XML

  • All main communication standards are supported including: (S)FTP, X400, AS2, SOAP, REST

  • Additional capability is provided if you are not able to send or receive EDI Messages including PDF/DOC/XLS/CSV/TXT  to EDI mapping solutions for Orders and Invoices.

Onetrail Web Connect

Do EDI with your Business & Trade Partners even if you/they are not capable of doing EDI using our Web applications. Low Setup Cost, Quick Setup, almost no integration needed, everything accessible via a web portal:

  • Sellers can add their Product, Sell Price and Stock Data

  • Sellers can add Order Status Data 

  • Buyers can access their Product, Purchase Price and Stock Data

  • Buyers can send their Purchase Orders

  • Buyers can access Order Data and Statuses

Onetrail Self Connect

Implement your own connection. Low Setup Cost based on the availability of important/most used EDI/XML Industry Standards:

  • Re-Use supported Industry Standards or connect to the Onetrail Standard

  • Use your own communication and message standards 

  • Use the Onetrail validator to test your messages

  • Use the Onetrail simulator to test your message/order scenarios

Onetrail Managed Connect

Onetrail’s Professional Services team will connect you to our Cloud Based Managed Services solution based on your own communication and message standards and internal business processes.

Onetrail Hybrid Connect

Use a combination of methods depending on the EDI capabilities of you and your Business & Trade Partners and the level of information you can/want to receive in your internal system, combined with our Web applications.

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