What customers say: Danny Siebeler of Canon Europe:

"Traditional one-to-one EDI too complex and time consuming..."

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What customers say: Alex Tatham

"Increasing the volume of electronic transactions ... Less strain on our technical resources ... Lowers our sales admin"

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Onetrail Managed services to Support Sellers


Onetrail  Clever Data: Product Data Services

  • Gives your Buyers access to normalised and indexed real time product information for your products either from an online portal or integrated into their internal systems.

  • Accurate real-time pricing, stock and product information at their fingertips to support customer quotations and procurement decisions.


Onetrail Clever EDI: Order Data (E-Order)

  • Enables your Buyers to send and track orders from their original purchase order irrespective of their individual formats and protocols. You send all your order status data in your existing format and we do the rest.

  • Buyer orders are verified and they receive a confirmation of receipt.

  • Incoming orders are processed more efficiently because Onetrail understands & support your business processes.

  • Order status updates, down to individual product level, throughout the order flow can be sent electronically to your buyers simplifying back-order management.

  • No more having to manually manage buyers chasing for updates.


Onetrail Clever EDI: Invoice Data (E-Invoice)

  • Send invoices and partial shipment invoices electronically.

  • Your customers no longer have to manually shuffle paperwork and spend time matching partial order information to the original order.

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