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New Onetrail Corporate Identity

“The Clever Connection”

Blogpost by: Jeroen Moonen
From: maandag 1 oktober 2012

Today Onetrail proudly announces its new Corporate Identity “The Clever Connection”.

A new logo, new pay-off, new colours and a whole new website.. all to express our relentless passion for “integration”. After more than 12,5 very successful years we felt it was about time to renew our corporate identity.

We have consulted our customers, partners and team to identify the core company values:

Clear & Clever – Clear service levels so that you know what you may expect and a Clever connection that offers pragmatically solutions to day to day challenges 
Connect & Align – Apart from our system-to-system connectivity through which processes are aligned we strive to also seamlessly align with our customers on an organizational and personal level.
Accountable & Attentive – Integration is not only about clever IT solutions, it’s as much about trust and predictability.

The light blue and light green colours represent the two parties and/or systems seamlessly connected & aligned through the Onetrail platform (dark blue).

Last but not least our pay-off “ The Clever Connection” emphasizes our eagerness to deliver process connectivity solutions that work for you, with clever solutions to day-to-day challenges in an ever changing world.

We will be continuously updating the website to make this the One point for you to access the world of Integration, whether in the Cloud, B2B or on-premise.

Jeroen Moonen


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Jeroen Moonen

Managing Director

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