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Nomination Rabobank innovation award

From: dinsdag 27 maart 2018

Yesterday we received the joyful message that Onetrail and Civity are one of the three nominees for the Rabobank innovation award. The other two nominees are Topia Team (A gamification company who develops online learning tools for kids) and Bernax Race Simulators (A company that rents and sells professional car racing simulators).

We are surprised and honored by this nomination and of course very motivated and eager to win this award. To do so Jeroen Moonen (CEO Onetrail) will give a two minutes pitch for the jury on 5 April and the jury will also visit our office for a tour. During the Zeist Business Event on 14 May we hear whether our pioneering products have convinced the jury to award us with the Rabobank innovation award.

You can follow the event on facebook https://www.facebook.com/businesseventzeist and Twitter https://twitter.com/nbenu

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They chose Onetrail