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Onetrail connects Coolblue supplier number 300

Blogpost by: Onetrail
From: maandag 9 oktober 2017

Exactly one year ago Coolblue requested Onetrail to connect their suppliers through the Onetrail Trading Partner Network™. Whether a supplier is able to do advanced EDI communication or uses the Onetrail Supplier Portal to update their data, everything is processed the same way to Coolblue. Today, Onetrail realized the onboarding of supplier number 300. As one of the largest webstores in the Netherlands and Belgium, Coolblue needs accurate and up-to-date information from suppliers at all times. Without product data, pricing and stock levels, doing business nowadays is impossible. And once an electronic order is received, changes such as delivery dates need to be communicated as soon as possible to assure the smoothest and most efficient delivery from supplier to end-user.

Of course, Onetrail already has 20 years’ experience in EDI integration and supports every industry process electronically, build into EDI messages like:

  • Product information, fully indexed, normalized and categorized;
  • Hourly stock update;
  • Real-time customer specific prices and stocks;
  • Sales orders;
  • Order status messages;
  • Delivery note messages, including serial number registration;
  • Invoices.

Last year Onetrail made two important additions to the Supplier Portal. The Product Manager can be used to upload product data and customer specific ranges, prices & stock. The Order Manager is meant for suppliers that are unwilling or unable to communicate through EDI (yet). Each supplier can generate order status updates, shipping notifications & invoices for a buyer connected via EDI to the Onetrail Trading Partner Network™. Quick & easy!

If you’d like to receive more information on the Onetrail Trading Partner Network™ or the Onetrail Supplier Portal, please contact us via sales@onetrail.com or +31 30 697 32 83.

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