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Onetrail TPN™ Documentation Center™ available online

From: maandag 11 april 2011

Onetrail has been working hard in the last few months to complete the online edition of the Onetrail TPN™ Documentation Center™.

The Onetrail TPN™ Documentation Center™ contains all up-to-date information related to the various integration and connectivity methods available through Onetrail TPN™. All new information and/or changes are maintained by Onetrail in real-time so for ease-of-use you can access the complete environment on the Onetrail Wiki.

Working in this way enables us to improve the way we notify our customers and partners about new capabilities and/or changes on subjects like:

  • Communication: Description of all standard protocols supported, certificates;
  • Message types & formats: Functional and technical descriptions of all available message types including sample messages;
  • White papers: Planned and future developments;
  • Implementation guidelines: Default checklist, project plans;
  • Reference tables: Latest code tables for Country, ProductGroup (UNSPSC), Brand.

A 'Version History' function is available within the Onetrail TPN™ Documentation Center™ to give our customers and partners an easy way of tracking additions and/or changes.

The OnetrailTPN™ Documentation Center™ is now available online. For more information or to have access to the Onetrail TPN™ Documentation Center™, please contact Onetrail on +31 30 69 73 288 or send an email to info@onetrail.com.

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