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Onetrail TPN™ ICM Communication Module

ICM, ICB and ICF messages

Blogpost by: Cor Zijlstra
From: dinsdag 4 december 2012

The last couple of weeks Onetrail has worked hard to develop, implement and test the Onetrail TPN™ ICM communication module and the ICM, ICB and ICF messages.

ICM is an old ETIM standard which is used a lot in the Technical Service Industry. De standard is based on ASCII messages for order (ICM), order acknowledgement (ICB) and the invoice (ICF).

The communication is handled by an off line communication module which is installed onsite with the customer. The communication module supports all Onetrail TPN connected sellers (multi-seller), so with one installation the customer can connect to all its sellers.

The testing has been done in close co-orporation with Syntess, a major ERP/CRM/HRM software vendor for the technical services industry.

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Cor Zijlstra

Director Research & Development

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