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“We started cooperating with Onetrail because we wanted to be care-free in certain areas and at the same time we wanted to get more out of the connections with our Distributors. Distributors update their systems frequently and that meant on our side release of the resources for development, testing and communication. Since the connection with Onetrail we...

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Kieran O'Connor | Total Computer Networks

Total Computer Networks is a dedicated IT supplier and solutions provider to public and private sector organisations. Centrally located in Kettering Northamptonshire, and also from a recently opened office in Manchester, Total Computer Networks is one of the UK's fastest growing resellers with a proven track record of year on year growth.

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Alex Tatham | Westcoast Limited

"Increasing the volume of electronic transactions ... Less strain on our technical resources ... Lowers our sales admin" “Onetrail have supported Westcoast in increasing the volume of electronic transactions between us and Onetrails connected VAR’s. We are able to make use of the single connection point for multiple parties, which is less...

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Danny Siebeler | Canon Europa NV

Canon is a leading supplier in the field of imaging and information technology since its foundation in 1937, targeted at both consumers and businesses. The business activities of Canon focus on two clearly distinct markets: Business Imaging (products and services for document management, office and professional print). The Consumer side includes Imaging (photo and video...

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Henk Snijders | ETC/Tech Data BV

ETC/Azlan/Tech Data NL is a leading value-added distributor of products and services for the ICT dealer channel in the Netherlands. ETC has been integrated by the Azlan Division of Tech Data NL, focused on providing services and knowledge to its business partners, who offer their customers a complete solution. With their knowledge and expertise ETC/TD provides...

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Arnout de Jager | KNS Automatisering BV

Since 1995 KNS Automation provides complete solutions to automate processes for SMEs. KNS Automation is service oriented, flexible and innovative. KNS is constantly looking for new technologies that help customers get more value from their IT environment. As an IT service provider KNS builds and manages the automation network foundation for its customers. Amongst others KNS...

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Wim Uiterdijk | SCC/Misco Solutions

SCC Services BV/Misco Solutions supports national and international companies and institutions with advice, delivery, implementation and management of innovative ICT infrastructures. SCC/Misco Solutions creates measurable added value for its customers to ensure continuity for both the customer and the organization. SCC/Misco Solutions has optimized their...

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Partner | Nolan Business Solutions | Colin Smith

Nolan Business Solutions’ integration of NetSuite with Onetrail TPN interconnects distributors and resellers, making all the transactions between the IT reseller and distributors automatic and electronic. It enables IT resellers to manage the quote to delivery process in real-time, with the absolute minimum of data entry, gaining a real competitive advantage....

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