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“We started cooperating with Onetrail because we wanted to be care-free in certain areas and at the same time we wanted to get more out of the connections with our Distributors.
Distributors update their systems frequently and that meant on our side release of the resources for development, testing and communication.
Since the connection with Onetrail we no longer have these costs. We do not even have to have the knowledge, except for extending functionalities of course.

"Connecting new Distributors has become a no-brainer"

Also connecting new Distributors has become a "no- brainer", for us at least. And is a Distributor not connected yet, than Onetrail will do its best to get it on board. And when we want to look up something, than Onetrail also has a great Product Guide for the products (data) and a Message Guide for everything around handling of orders.

"The quality and uniformity of Product Data improved"

Though Onetrail actually is a "hatch" from Distributor to Reseller, yet the quality and uniformity of Product Data improved, especially by such things as proper categorization and deduplication of products. And with our orders we get things like serial numbers finally in a correct way nowadays, formerly that was arranged differently per Distributor.

Most important in all of this is the daily delivery and keeping the basic product data up to date, such as articles, prices and stocks. Linked to a proper handling of orders and dispatch advises, which are critical business processes for us. We have good experiences with it with Onetrail.

"If something is happening then we can easily contact the Onetrail Support department"

And if something is happening - and there is always something happening in IT - then we can easily contact the Onetrail Support department. Where a number of pleasant and professional staff is located.

In short: pleasant partner, good cooperation and for us the right services at a reasonable price." - Stephan Hermans, Manager eBusiness, Buyitdirect


To find out how your business can experience similar benefits contact us now for an informal discussion on: Tel +31 30 697 32 88 or email us at:  info@onetrail.com

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