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Nolan Business Solutions’ integration of NetSuite with Onetrail TPN interconnects distributors and resellers, making all the transactions between the IT reseller and distributors automatic and electronic. It enables IT resellers to manage the quote to delivery process in real-time, with the absolute minimum of data entry, gaining a real competitive advantage.

Onetrail for NetSuite features

  • Lower the cost per transaction;
  • Live price and product availability;
  • Automatic back to back drop ship orders;
  • Automated electronic transactions to and from distributors;
  • Track drop-shipments;
  • Customer self-service;
  • Improved cash-flow;
  • Real-time visibility through dashboards and graphical reporting.

Real-time business for IT Resellers

NetSuite is ideally suited to IT resellers, as it helps an organisation manage their business and customers with one flexible, powerful business application that supports the product, service and support aspects of an IT reseller business. Add to that Onetrail TPN, which provides a direct link between the systems of the reseller and distributors and you have an extremely powerful Software as a Service solution, highly tailored to meet the industry specific requirements of IT resellers.

Nolan Business Solutions have released a video highlighting some of the advantages the Onetrail TPN and NetSuite integration can give to IT Resellers.

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