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Onetrail Vertical Solutions

Onetrail's knowledge of trade & Business processes in specific vertical markets has led to the development of  Onetrail's Trading & Business Partner Network.

Onetrail’s experience in sales and purchase business processes combined with a critical mass of Clever EDI connected buyers and suppliers in a given sector has led to the creation of a number of Vertical Trade Partner Networks ranging from IT to Construction.

New verticals are being added continuously, increasing the reach and value of the network to all connected Trading Partners. 

Current Onetrail TPN™ Trade Communities include:

  • ICT

  • Business Telecom

  • Mobile Telecom

  • Consumer Electronics & Domestic Appiances

  • Office products and business machines

  • Technical Industries & Construction

  • Training & Consultancy

  • Recruitment & Temporary Work Agency

The benefit of these communities to a new Buyer or Seller is that not only does Onetrail have expertise in the specific nuances of the sales and purchase process of that market but also a large number of already connected buyers and sellers are available. The network is also designed to handle both intra- and inter-community exchanges of data.

The ICT Vertical Trading Partner Network has over 1,000 active buying organisations and over 100 active selling organisations across Europe with thousands of organisations participating in other Vertical Trading Partner Networks  - See our
Connected Business & Trading Partners

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