Is the purchase order received by your supplier processed correctly?

Blogpost by: Richard Zuijdam
From: donderdag 29 augustus 2013

Many purchase orders are placed without the Buyer checking if the purchase order has been processed correctly by the supplier. It is possible for you to collect information about your purchasing process electronically from your supplier sent in to your ERP/financial system. Your Buyer is now able to respond immediately when errors occur when processing the purchase order at the supplier. As a result you will experience correcting price...

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How does your organization respond to changes in delivery times on outstanding backorders at your suppliers?

Blogpost by: Richard Zuijdam
From: vrijdag 6 juni 2014

If you work on a project basis, many purchase orders will be purchased project-based. It happens often that parts of your purchase order are not yet in stock at your supplier (the so-called backorders).  But how does your Project Manager monitor that your supplier is going to deliver on time? How do you ensure that you can manage this process in your ERP/financial system? Many of your suppliers are able to provide you Order Status...

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Quality of the correct processing of your purchase order by your Suppliers

Blogpost by: Richard Vriezekolk
From: vrijdag 17 juli 2015

This will surely be a recognizable problem for you as purchasing manager; you have placed a purchase order at your Supplier/Distributor, but is this order properly processed and/or are there any changes made? That’s what you want to know right, because your customer is waiting for the delivery of what is the status of your order? Of course you can call your Supplier directly after placing the order to make sure everything...

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Retailers – Interested in entering the IT market?

Blogpost by: Adam Stanier
From: vrijdag 18 september 2015

Blurred Lines,      The once clear demarcation lines between different types of seller are becoming more and more blurred every day. It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to do your weekly grocery shopping you went to a supermarket or ordered from one online. If you wanted some stationery for your business you went to an office products supplier and an IT reseller for your computer or ordered from them...

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