Managing trade-article-data within your system based on articles you keep in stock externally with your supplier?

Blogpost by: Richard Zuijdam
From: woensdag 27 augustus 2014

In my previous blog , I discussed the change of keeping stock within a supply chain. Within many industries, there is a movement going from keeping inventory to the Wholesalers. The Wholesaler then takes the role of the central stockholding party for the whole supply chain. As a result, the importance of access to this information is evident. Retailers can, and will only purchases if the order is sold. And to optimize this process, the...

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Onetrail TPN has released a new RESTful Price and Availability service

Blogpost by: Cor Zijlstra
From: maandag 9 november 2015

Zeist, November 9th 2015 Onetrail continues to develop it’s Trading Partner Network with new features. Now, it has released a brand new Price and Availability service (P&A). The popular P&A service inquires real time price and stock with all TPN connected sellers. With the former version (SOAP) of the Price and Availability service the consumer had to specify the sellers for the inquired products. Now, with the new...

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